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Berlin here we are

After 7 hours of travel and a big bucket of KFC hotwings we arrived at the city of Berlin. On the east-side of the city we checked in the hotel and got ready to make the first blog post and here we are! In just a matter of hours the European SharePoint Conferance 2011 will kick-off their first session and we’ll be there waiting to check in and gather some new SharePoint intell. We’ll most likely start our day with the Best Practices for SharePoint upgrades (after a good cup of coffee that is of course) or maybe PowerPivot, followed up by Jan Tielens’ session on Office 365. I’m off to a couple hour of sleep. See you all in the morning!

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SharePoint 2010 themes

Posted by andre | Posted in SharePoint 2010 | Posted on 29-02-2012


SharePoint 2010 themes

Designing a site or even customizing a site in SharePoint is not something everyone is made
for. For most actions you need to go into code or get busy working SharePoint Designer. With
Themes there is a little something everyone can do!

The easiest way to do this is by using Powerpoint. Office themes can be easily created and
saved here. SharePoint 2010 is defined into 12 different colors; 4 background colors, 6 accents
and 2 hyperlink colors. I’ll point out where the colors apply or your site.

“Text/Background – Dark 1″

Applies to the site link in the ribbon and the navigation links in the quick launch menu.









“Text/Background – Light 1″

Applies to the background of your site and all the menus and pop-up screens.

“Text/Background – Dark 2″

Applies to the top bar and the headings in the quick launch menu.











“Text/Background – Light 2″

Applies to the background of the quick launch menu, the ribbon and the top link bar.

“Accent 1″

Applies to the Quick launch and Site Actions hover color, selected month in calendar and select tab in the top link bar.

“Accent 3″

Applies this color to every second bar on the site features page.










“Accent 4″

Applies to the background of the buttons in the top link bar and the web part borders.

“Accent 6″

Applies to the selected calendar date and the hovering loading block.








Accent 2 and 5 don’t apply to any fysical content but only to markup styles. Accent 2 applies to Colored Heading 2, Accent 3 to Style “Caption”, Accent 5 to Colored Heading 4 and Accent 6 to Style “Highlight”.


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