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Las Vegas: SharePoint Conference 2012 Day 1

The first day of conference has passed and there’s been given quite some information on all fronts! But like most mornings it started with breakfast. In a large hall the morning meal was provided and hundreds of people shared tables, a good start to swap stories. With a filled stomach it was off the large hall for the keynote. Assuming everybody was there, since it was the only session at that time, the hall was filled with about 10,000 people. The kickoff was a intro movie on SharePoint 2013, with a dozen meters wide screen, the loud music and the deep bass I did end up having a few chickenbumbs. It started with some general information on SharePoint and where it’s standing now, Jeff Teper followed with some new added features to the 2013 edition. Search, tasks and off course social was mentioned here. After that there was a big thumbs up to the Yammer folks and their collaboration with the Microsoft team. SharePoint and Yammer share a whole bunch of functionality in the new version. You can now show Yammer messages in your SharePoint feed and vice versa. Also linking your SharePoint documents in your Yammer feed is no more than a few clicks and you can simply view the document in Yammer by using Office Web Apps. After a some notes on Office 365 and the performance upgrades in the new SharePoint version it was off to the breakout sessions. I started with a session from Dan Holme on tips, tricks and scripts on the SharePoint 2013 installation. A few new features were highlighted; request management (http://www.harbar.net/articles/sp2013rm1.aspx), distributed cache (http://technet.microsoft.com/library/jj219700(office.15).aspx) and the increased requirements for the query components (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj219620.aspx). Followed by the creation of the SQL answer file. After the creation of the SQL answer file it was on to the SharePoint 2013 installation process, which was roughly the same as its predecessor. After a few more tips and examples on scripts the session was concluded. The final session of the day was about adopting SharePoint 2013 services in a 2010 farm. It was a really interesting session, although it raises more questions than it answered. This is definitely a subject that needs to be tested thoroughly. Tomorrow is day 2 and I’m ready!  

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SharePoint 2010 themes

Posted by andre | Posted in SharePoint 2010 | Posted on 29-02-2012


SharePoint 2010 themes

Designing a site or even customizing a site in SharePoint is not something everyone is made
for. For most actions you need to go into code or get busy working SharePoint Designer. With
Themes there is a little something everyone can do!

The easiest way to do this is by using Powerpoint. Office themes can be easily created and
saved here. SharePoint 2010 is defined into 12 different colors; 4 background colors, 6 accents
and 2 hyperlink colors. I’ll point out where the colors apply or your site.

“Text/Background – Dark 1″

Applies to the site link in the ribbon and the navigation links in the quick launch menu.









“Text/Background – Light 1″

Applies to the background of your site and all the menus and pop-up screens.

“Text/Background – Dark 2″

Applies to the top bar and the headings in the quick launch menu.











“Text/Background – Light 2″

Applies to the background of the quick launch menu, the ribbon and the top link bar.

“Accent 1″

Applies to the Quick launch and Site Actions hover color, selected month in calendar and select tab in the top link bar.

“Accent 3″

Applies this color to every second bar on the site features page.










“Accent 4″

Applies to the background of the buttons in the top link bar and the web part borders.

“Accent 6″

Applies to the selected calendar date and the hovering loading block.








Accent 2 and 5 don’t apply to any fysical content but only to markup styles. Accent 2 applies to Colored Heading 2, Accent 3 to Style “Caption”, Accent 5 to Colored Heading 4 and Accent 6 to Style “Highlight”.


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